Our electricians are highly-skilled in switching their trade to the bigger or industrialised settings. AMD Electrical can provide a plethora of services for the industrial sector. These include designing heating and security systems as well as installing said systems. We also offer a full diagnosis and repair service where quotes are provided post-diagnosis, so clients are in full control of the situation.

Large-Scale Machinery

We have vast experience in repairing large-scale machinery within factories and alike, so you can rest assured knowing that your machinery is in good hands with AMD Electrical. We also offer to design and install new machinery, and service and maintain your machinery for years to come.

Energy Saving Services

Most companies accept the high costs of energy within their business without contemplating the many ways that these costs can be lowered. Saving energy is one of the most effortless of procedures to save your business money when working with us. We offer our industrial partners full and detailed energy management reports, so you can identify where most of your energy expenditure is concentrated. From these details it is much easier to produce effective plans and adjustments so you can save your business energy and money in the future.

Industrial Competencies

We work in many factories, workshops, warehouses and refrigerated environments. Some of our most frequent electrical servicing requests include:

  • Diagnosing and repairing
  • Ventilation and extraction systems
  • Bus-Bar systems
  • Emergency Stops
  • Cable management
  • Designing and installing lighting and security systems (including lighting and CCTV)

Join Our Industrial Clientele

Through our exceptional industrial services, we have accumulated and maintained a strong close-knit group of business that repeat their electrical business with ourselves. If you would like to join our industrial clientele, then do not hesitate to get in touch at your earliest convenience. We are available via 07720149864 and andy@amdelectrical.net on the phone and email, respectively.

We are very proud of the consistently high level of service that we provide and which has enabled us to form close and continuing relationships with many of the large companies in the Bridgwater and Somerset areas.