Within our range of electrical based services, we offer individual-specific guidance and installation on many different temperature and airflow systems. This includes:

  • Heating Systems: we can provide you with knowledgeable guidance and advice when choosing a new heating system for your home or business. Whether this is a brand-new system or a replacement, we have the tools and skills required to complete the job to an outstanding degree.
  • Ventilation Systems: ventilation systems may circulate the air within a premises or also manage the airflow between the inside and outside of a building. This is important to control temperatures, and remove airborne bacteria, moisture, dust and odours to ensure your home or office is clean, and most importantly, safe. We at AMD Electrical do not just install ventilation systems, but can offer advice and design a system tailored for your premises, so you get the best ventilation process for your needs and preferences.
  • Air Conditioning Units: Air conditioning is essential if you want to maintain good air quality whilst cooling warm and humid rooms. It is more essential however, that air conditioning units are designed for the rooms they will be installed. That is why AMD Electrical will consider your specific needs and design a system suitable for you, ready to be professionally installed.

Our dedication to providing an individual service tailored exactly to your property shines a light on our customer-centred ethos. We put our valued customers at the heart of our work to make sure we provide them with a service and product that you expect from a professional, highly-trained, and experienced electrician.

For a free quote with no obligations attached, speak to our friendly and helpful team via andy@amdelectrical.net, or phone us on 07720149864.