We conduct an extensive range of tests to generate informative reports that can determine the safety of each individual appliance.

To help you identify which test you require, we have compiled a list of the most frequently sought-after tests/reports. Some of these are legal requirements whilst others are sensible tests to ensure the safety of anybody required to use the electrical devices in question.

Frequent Tests:

  • Domestic Electrical Installation Certificates: this documentation is used to vouch for the safety of a domestically installed electrical device, including its wiring and other components.
  • Electrical Installation Certificates: this certificate replicates the one above, but is solely used in commercial and industrial environments, rather than domestic appliances.
  • Minor Electrical Works Certificates: these certificates are used for smaller electrical tasks such as changing a light switch but can incorporate a range of other smaller projects.
  • Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports: these are often required documents to provide evidence that electrical items are fit for use within domestic settings.
  • Industrial and Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Reports: Electricity Supply Regulations 1988 and The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that all commercial and industrial fixated electrical units should undergo annual testing (maximum of three years between tests) which makes this test compulsory by law. Do not worry, AMD Electrical can work around your business’s schedule so we get the job done with little or no disruption.
  • Landlord Electrical Installation Condition Reports: Landlord’s must periodically have their property’s inclusive electrical equipment inspected to ensure the safety of their tenants.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT): Although PAT tests are not a legal requirement, they are often completed to ensure the safety of a workforce. These tests are for portable devices such as electric drills, IT equipment, or household appliances such as kettles.
  • Part P Building Regulations (Domestic Installations): This test has been a legal requirement in England Wales since 2005 which states that all fixated electrical items that have been the product of commercial electrical work must protect against shock and fire. Using a registered electrical service such as AMD Electrical ensures this and prevents homeowners from breaching the law.

Safety First

Be Compliant and get your Home, Office or Business tested with peace of mind that your Electrical Installation is safe and complies to the current IEE 17th Edition Regulations.