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What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Portable Appliance Testing, abbreviated to PAT for short, is a test carried out on portable devices either in commercial and industrial settings, but is also possible on domestic appliances as well. The test itself will evaluate the performing qualities of the device to decipher if it is safe for handling and use. Ensuring the safety of a workforce, friends, family, and yourself is pivotal when operating electrical equipment. Even though this test is yet to be made into a legal requirement, we strongly urge the need to test your portable devices to extinguish the risk of electrical harm.

We offer complete PAT and can provide reports on each appliance at your discretion in either hard copy or electronically if more convenient.

What Can Be Tested?

PAT testing is sometimes associated with smaller items but that is not always the case. Appliances that have a plug attached usually meet the requirements for Portable Appliance Testing. This means it is not just kitchen appliances and IT equipment that can be tested, but also larger electronic appliances such as vending machines and dishwashers.

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