Electrical equipment is no different to anything else when it comes to wear and, hopefully not, but tear. Sometimes our electrical equipment will need maintaining or repairing and that is where AMD Electrical can help. Like the saying goes, ‘’a stitch in time saves nine’’ and with electrical equipment it is very much the same. Even more so, a stitch in time could even save lives!

We provide outstanding services in the maintenance and repairing of electrical equipment and wiring within domestic households to commercial and industrial properties. Our staff have undergone extensive training to equip them with the best tools and knowledge in identifying faults and providing concrete diagnoses.

Some of our most requested maintenance and repair work includes:

  • Domestic wiring faults
  • Issues with domestic appliances
  • Domestic, Industrial, and commercial boiler repairs
  • Underground cable jointing
  • Extensive issues surrounding faults with control panelling

No-Fear, Post-Diagnosis Quotations!

When onsite we will provide a complete quotation with no hidden costs after we have managed to diagnose your appliance’s issue. We provide the quote after diagnosis and before carrying out further repairs so you are not hit by an unexpected charge and receive full clarity of the situation.

If you want to discuss a specific maintenance or fault, please contact us at your earliest convenience on 07720149864 or drop us an email at andy@amdelectrical.net. We will be glad to hear from you and help get your electrical devices working properly again!

If you require a repair please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also provide onsite quotations when the repair has been diagnosed before any further work is carried out, so you the customer are in the clear of cost involved before we complete the repair.